Rate Information

Camping Rates

Daily    $28.00  + $2.00/day for A/C

Weekly    $150.00 (A/C included)

Monthly    $325.00 + Electric

Season    $900.00

Special rates for clubs of 8 or more campers.
Reservations required.

Daily Check Out time is 11:00 AM

All rates are subject to change without notice.  Please call ABC Camping and Cabins for current rates.

Cabin Rates (per night)

8 x 12       $40.00

10 x 10     $40.00

10 x 12     $40.00

10 x 14     $45.00

10 x 16    $50.00

(They include bed, table, ceiling fan, light, and air conditioning. A cabin is for one family consisting of husband, wife, and up to two children.)

Please note : *Absolutely NO pets in the cabins!*

Additional Rate Information

Visitors    $2.00per person  /  $4.00 w/ pool privileges
(must leave before 12:00 midnight)

Overnight Visitors    $5.00 per person

Frequent Visitors can purchase a season pass for $125.00

Visitor and Weekender Pets $1.00 per night. No pets in Cabins.


Air Conditioners & Heaters

(when used)    $3.00/day

Off Season Storage

Boats, Pontoons & Campers    $100.00