In the Corral
    with Carol

Carol Bartolet

Carol Kent Bartolet spent most of her youth and almost all of her adult life in Ohio. All through her youth, she wished for a pony and then a horse. Finally, as an adult, she had her own horse farm in Bolivar, Ohio. But frozen water lines in the barns and below zero weather was not what Carol considered ideal weather for raising horses. After the death of her mother, romance author Jean Salter Kent, Carol and her husband, Don, decided to follow their dream of living in a warm, sunny place. They found the Ocala area of Florida to be the ideal location for their new home. The many horse farms and equestrian activities of the area were an added bonus to Florida’s coastlines full of sandy beaches. “For the first time since I can remember, my feet have warmed up!” says Carol, who is always tan from mowing grassy pastures at Sun Spots Ranch. Readers can see photos and learn about activities at the ranch by clicking the link to Both Carol and Don show their horses and have accrued many accomplishments in the horse show circuits.

 Carol’s dream job of working as a school nurse was also realized in Florida. Getting her nursing degree at Kent State University in Ohio, she worked many years as a community health nurse in Canton. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration at St. Joseph College in Maine and now she’s a nurse at a middle school with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. “The kids are always coming to the clinic with something interesting to try to get themselves out of class, but sometimes they just need a little attention. They should get awards for being the true storytellers!” says Carol about her student patients.

 During holiday breaks from school, Carol finds time to write. She says the idea for the first novel just came to her as an inspiration, maybe sent from her late mother who died from cancer in 1991. She was Jean Salter Kent, romance writer and co-author of Romance Writers’ Phrase Book. “My mom wrote ten published books with an electric typewriter! I’m still in awe. I’m sure she would’ve been a great help to me as I plodded along the beginning pages of the first manuscript. My mom worked so hard and until recently, I don’t think I gave her enough credit. She never gave up and that made it easier for me to swallow the rejections and keep on writing.” Carol says she loves the creativity of writing and says that it’s like a movie going on in her head that she only has to copy to the computer. Her ideal writing spot is a beach house located on St. George Island…early morning coffee on the deck, seagulls calling, dolphins playing in the surf…fabulously mind-clearing and relaxing! However, most times she can be found writing in the Sun Spots Ranch office at home. Carol's novels, Favors and Fatal Favors, were published by Infinitiy Publishing and are available directly from them or in all the usual places like Amazon and bookstores by mail. Readers can also order a personalized autographed copy of Favors or Fatal Favors directly from Carol by using the link on this web site.

Carol loves her horses, but she has always had the travel bug. One of her favorite adventures was a Smithsonian sponsored trip to Baja California to see whales. “That was totally great, so much more than I expected. We had a permit to be in a calving lagoon and a mother whale actually pushed her newborn up to our excursion dingys so we could see it! It was like she was both showing him off to us and also letting him get a good look at people. The whales we saw were so close you could pet them and we did! I mean their huge heads were right beside our little bitty boat, their eyes looking right in at us, checking us out. Now that’ll get your heart racing! One juvenile male wanted to play with us and followed us all the way back to our eighty-foot ship which was our home base. I’ll never forget that trip and the privilege of seeing nature in a habitat yet unspoiled by man.”  Carol also loves cruise ship travel to the Caribbean islands, but her journeys back home to Ohio to see family and friends also top her to-do list. “I love my farm, but my husband complains that I’m always ‘going somewhere.’ My feeling is that here in hot humid Florida, you could mold if you stay still too long! Also, I love the phrase, ‘life is not a dress rehearsal.’ I like fun adventures, seeing and doing new things, but I must confess that I love coming back home just as well as leaving for the trip.”

And what does Carol do on the deck of the cruise ship while lounging by the pool? READ, of course! She’s a reading fanatic. She’s listening to an audio book in the car, reads a favorite thriller at lunch break at school, and has another novel tossed in with magazines at home for her “spare time. ” Reading, writing and riding…what a life!


Carol at Dunnellon, Florida's First Saturday Festival.  

Typing Horse

Don and Carol on a cruise a few years ago

My husband Don and I on a cruise a few years ago

Whale watching in San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California with the Smithsonian

Close-up whale watching in San Ignacio Lagoon, Baja California with the Smithsonian