In the Corral
    with Carol

Hi, I’m Carol Kent Bartolet and welcome to my updated web page, “In the Corral.” You see, I’ve never liked being too far away from my equine pals and love being able to look out my office windows and see horses cavorting in their pastures. Around here, horse cavorting mostly means kicking down fence boards, snapping off water hydrants to make a wading pond, and leaning on gates until they’re all U-shaped. My husband, Don, and I raise registered Appaloosas and some very cute mini horses. We also found room for five Chihuahuas and an elderly bulldog. The pets take up a lot of time and sometimes a lot of patience, but we don’t mind at all. We would both rather be mowing pastures or fixing fences or playing with horses than doing anything else. Typically, there is no real zeal for housework around here since we seem to live outside. In Florida we’re lucky to have great sunny weather that so far has outweighed the dark side—hurricanes, alligators, monster bugs, hungry sharks, high insurance premiums, and road rage.

I'm back to school for another year as a middle school nurse. Staff and students are all glad to be back in familiar surroundings and trying to get back into the work mode. Many of you have heard the third novel of the Favors series has just been published and is now available on this web site or from, my publisher's web site. Also, all the books are now listed on Amazon as printed books and Kindle versions. The early sales have produced great reviews sent to me via email, so hope to see some of those written up on the sales sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I've always been proud of my 5-star reports. The newest book, family FAVORS, continues the story of Emily Vanderhorn. She and her family are finally ready to relax on a new cruise ship sailing through the Caribbean. Unfortunately, a group of Somalian pirates has been plotting for years to board and hijack the huge M.S. Pinnacle. The family has trouble knowing who to trust and in the midst of the chaos, Emily receives a call from her past. Time is running out and Emily decides to pursue the pirate leader on her own. During the last cruise that my family and I were aboard, I was constantly thinking about different scenarios and how they would play out in a cruise ship setting. This book was to be the last, making the series a trilogy, but now another idea has squeezed its way into my brain. The next book will be titled, foreign Favors, and after reading the new book, you'll be able to guess where they're going! The first reader who sends me an email with the correct country location for foreign FAVORS will win a FAVORS coffee mug!!

Check out the link to our farm, Sun Spots Ranch, and take a look at new photos of our horses. Next spring and summer we are expecting an Appaloosa foal from our new mare, Mary Muggins, and also four mini foals. We've purchased a new show gelding, Bartenders Asset aka “Corky” and we're trying to get him back in show shape again. Don's horse, Magnified, is almost thirty years old and this horse was to be his replacement ride. Corky is very sweet and likes to whinny to call me and nuzzle my face. I don't know if Don will really get his horse or he'll be mine, mine, mine!

The “Corral” is supposed to be a newsy place, but sometimes I'm so busy it's hard to keep it updated. Be sure to look through the different pages and feel free to contact me with questions or feedback. I love to hear from readers, so keep in touch and keep reading!!


Carol Kent Bartolet