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Girl with pencil and books   Proud to be a homeschooling mom!     Girl with pencil and books

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My Favorite Websites:

HomeschoolShare is located at www.HomeSchoolShare.com.  Ami and I use the Five in a Row home school curriculum and we *love* it!   We, along with other moms, have written several of our own units sort of in the FIAR style. It is our ministry to homeschooling moms everywhere. We now have more than 125 *FREE* literature-based unit studies using living books and other great children's books.  No strings attached, just print out the lessons, get the book from the library or off the shelf, and teach!

Five in a Row Message Boards:  Families who use FIAR should not miss this site.  They are simply the best bunch of ladies on the web!  

CHECCS Homeschool Support Group